Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Church League Softball's Fall season is in full swing and Jon's team, Sons O' Thunder (formerly known as Metroplex Family Church) is off to a great start. They have won their first two games! The first due to a forfeit, but still 2 wins! My parents, Lyric, RT and Cole all came to show their support Monday night. Cole was especially excited to cheer for his Uncle Jon!

This isn't the greatest picture (Cole was too focused on the big boys for my usual photo shoot) but I wanted to get a good shot of his t-shirt. Monday morning, Lyric took him to Soccer Tots!!! His first soccer practice! So naturally, his shirt says, "Chicks Dig Soccer Players." Check out Lyric's blog for pictures of his first Soccer Tots practice...ridiculous!

Cole and uncle Jon throwing the ball after the game:

He's good at baseball too!!!

Don't you love how this post about Jon's softball team and their victory on Monday turned into yet another Cole bragging session?

Congrats on the big win Jon and the rest of you crazy SONS O' THUNDER guys! This is your season...I feel it!!!

You should see his butt in these baseball pants!!! (He's going to kill me for that comment)

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  1. ummm...yes...he's definitely going to kill you for that last comment. bold move!