Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Sleepover

First Day of School Sleepover would be more accurate! Our precious nephew Cade started Kindergarten today. I can't believe it!!! It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was babysitting him as a baby, changing his diaper, giving him his bottle and rocking him to sleep. I don't know how mothers do it!!! I'm only the aunt and I'm getting all sappy!

In honor of his upcoming first day of school, we had Cade spend the night on Thursday night for sugar and FUN! We met Shannon, Jared, Cade, Cruse, Randy and Nancy at Village Burger (YUM!) after Cade's "Meet the Teacher" at his new school. After dinner, Jared transferred the car seat and it was just the three of us! Jon asked Cade if there was any music he wanted to listen to. Cade said, "Do you have that Boom, Boom, Boom song?" He was referring to the Black Eyed Peas new song. He loves it and although Uncle Jon wasn't cool enough to have it on his phone, we sang it all night!!! He would say "Gotta Get That" and I'd say "Boom, Boom, Boom." So fun. He also knew some of the verses!

Our first stop was to Target. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you might remember the post from the first time Cade spent the night at our house. I planned a Scavenger Hunt, which was a big hit! We didn't have as much time as before, so I came up with a condensed "hunt." I called it "Back to School Hunt 2009". Cade and I were on a team against Jon and we had to race around Target, find everything on our list and be the first to check out. Needless to say, people were definitely starring as we ran, laughing around the store. By the end, I (in my purple dress mind you) was sweating and out of breath (sad I know). Cade and I dominated the game and beat Jon easy!

After Target, we moved on to Marble Slab for some ice cream! Cade was digging his sweet cream and Oreo ice cream in a cone bowl. He asked if I would write down the kind of ice cream he got because it's his new favorite :)

When he was finally stuffed, we drove home, put on our comfy clothes and prepared for an egg toss. Don't ask. Jon asked Cade a few months ago if he'd ever played an egg toss. For some reason, Cade thought that sounded like the coolest thing and has been talking about it ever since. Unfortunately, the toss itself was a let down. It was dark so we had to play in the backyard and when the eggs would fall, they wouldn't crack. But as usual, Jon had a plan. They tossed eggs high up in the air and watched them crack on the mud/rocks on the empty lot next to us. And in true boy/Bailey fashion, we walked to a sewer to crack more eggs on the concrete. God sure did create boys and girls differently!!! Cade thought it was great!

Once we washed off our feet with the hose outside, we went inside, put our jammies on and dumped out the Legos in the living room. For the next hour or more, I watched Jon and Cade build cars that held all kinds of weapons and missiles. One even had a jail on the back to carry the bad guys. I made a small little "car". First I made my little person a fireman, but them I found a blond ponytail piece and made the little yellow person a girl fighter! After that I pretty much just watched. Cade was amazed at the cars Jon was building! I think Jon would have enjoyed playing with the Legos even if Cade wasn't there!

Around 11:30PM, we decided to make a pallet in the living room and watch Shrek 2. Jon passed out in like 10 minutes and I faded in and out while Cade fought to stay awake. When he couldn't fight any longer, we all moved to the bed.

There was a huge storm that night, but Cade had no clue. Jon and I were both worried he would wake up scared of the crazy thunder, but he was OUT! Friday morning, Jon and Cade played games on Jon's iphone in bed while I got ready. Then we headed out for donuts! Jon had to leave for the office, so Cade and I ate our donut holes in Starbucks so I could get a coffee and he could get some chocolate milk!

We talked and laughed while we finished our nutritious breakfast and then it was time to take him home. After taking the pictures of him eating his donuts he asked me why I carry my camera everywhere I go. I laughed. Poor thing isn't used to having a mini photo shoot every hour.

When we were driving home he said, "I wish I could spend the whole day with you."
Melt my heart!!!

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  1. Can I be a part of the next sleepover? They sound so great...and I do love making pallets!