Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Since Lyric and Jon's birthdays are only a day apart, my family celebrates them together. The gang came over to our house for Uncle Julio's fajitas, presents and cake. We had so much fun and Cole especially seemed to enjoy himself. He ate chips and handfuls of queso, helped Mimi K pass out presents and consumed red velvet cake with a big smile on his face. Jon was super excited about his new Ray-Ban sunglasses, swimming goggles, jcrew gift cards and new book!


Thursday was Jon's actual B-Day! I got ready early for work, made Jon's coffee and went to pick up donuts from a little donut shop he likes by our house for breakfast.

After work, I ran to the store to get the ingredients for the home cooked meal Jon requested for his birthday dinner. I asked him all week where he wanted to eat, assuming he would choose Mexican food, but I was SO wrong. For his birthday dinner, he insisted on....drum roll please...................

Beanie Weenies!

Yes, that's right. Hot dogs (actually turkey dogs) cut up in baked beans. Oh and don't forget the side of Mac-n-Cheese I slaved over!!!
(I thought the candles were a nice touch)

After dinner, we watched a movie and went up to Marble Slab for dessert. When we pulled up to Marble Slab we laughed when we saw Josh and Kim's car in the parking lot. Obviously it was Josh's birthday too. They both chose ice cream for their birthday the same time. It's a twin thing!

The Bailey's was our last stop on the birthday party train! We actually hung out at Shannon and Jared's for a while then headed over to Randy and Nancy's for some home cooking....And not beanie weenie home cooking...brisket home cooking! After dinner we ate ice cream cake and banana pudding and watched Jon and Josh open their gifts. It was a great ending to Birthday Week 2009.

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