Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Third Generation

This Memorial weekend was one for the history books. Friday afternoon we traveled to Shreveport to spend the weekend with Jon's grandparents. Our time was packed with family, food and fun! Jon and I rode with Josh and Kim through traffic and rain. We arrived at the lovely Homewood Suites hotel (SHOUT OUT...THIS HOTEL WAS GREAT!) around 9pm, threw our stuff in our rooms and grabbed a late, but much needed dinner at the Boardwalk. Stuffed and tired, we made our way back to the hotel to catch some shut-eye in preparation for our early wake-up call and long day of work/play! Jon's grandparents have a great backyard and spend most of their time out on their patio. The plan was to clean, spruce up and beautify their special space. We met Josh and Kim in the lobby of the hotel at 8:30 am so we could see George and Gerri bright and early! Randy and Nancy were already working away and Shannon, Jared and the boys arrived soon after us. We chatted, drank coffee and devoured the most amazing glazed donuts from Southern Made!!! It wasn't long before "Handy Nan" gave us our work assignments and we got down to business. Nancy is such a great little worker-bee! She doesn't stop until her project/projects are 100% complete. I think that's where Jon gets his work ethic. (It wouldn't hurt if a little rubbed off on me!)

The boys worked on cleaning out and making new flower beds along the fence and around some small trees in the yard. Randy picked out some beautiful plants! Jared stained the fence, which made a huge difference! Kim and I spray painted their fountain and bird bath and did some other small miscellaneous jobs. Shannon pained the step and door to their shed and a cute little sign in the front yard. Nancy stripped the fence before Jared stained it and cleaned EVERYTHING! She also organized hanging plants, pots and did some planting of her own. Cade was a big help and Cruse had fun chasing a little toad we found! It was a wonderful afternoon working together as a family to serve Jon's grandparents. They LOVED it! (Please forgive me for the number of pictures. I wanted to keep them all big and there's just so many I could cut out!)




(So I didn't take many after pictures. Whoops...just know it looked amazing!)

After the long day, we cleaned up and had BBQ with the fam. Ray and Terri (Jon's aunt and uncle) came up and ate with us, which was a fabulous treat! We had CARS playing on the Disney channel for the boys, but the adults gradually started finding a spot in the living room to join the kiddos!

Sunday was the real history making day. Jon became the third Bailey generation to preach at Belcher Baptist Church! (Yes, I said Belcher.) Mr. Bailey Senior is not only the pastor of the church, but also runs the whole show and even creates and prints the church bulletin on his home office computer. Jon's message was titled Seeing and Following Jesus. He took us through Mark 10:46-52 where we are introduced to blind Bartimaeus. You should check out his story. Bartimaeus is a wonderful picture of what it means to put yourself in the path of Jesus, being desperate for Jesus, throwing away our old life and embracing Jesus' new life for us and seeing Jesus as not only our Savior but our Rabboni (Lord and Master). As always, I was beaming with pride for my husband! He has such a simple, but powerful way of presenting the Word and touching your heart.

After the service, we drove over to Main Street Restaurant for lunch before heading home. The food was delicious! A few more pictures and then we were off.

I'm so happy we took this trip to spend time with and celebrate these two amazing people! My Mamaw, Papaw, Moms and Pops are no longer with us and it was so precious to spend time with Jon's grandparents who remind me in so many ways of mine. (Gerri reminds me a lot of my Moms!) The good looking couple below are both a hoot, love to laugh and LOVE their family. It was an honor to spend time with them. We love you both and look forward to seeing you again VERY soon!!!

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