Monday, April 20, 2009

Date Night

Forgive me for taking so long to get these posts up and running. I promise to get caught up soon! But, I have a few more to go so hang in there.

Last Saturday night, Jon and I decided to shake things up from the typical dinner and a movie date night. We headed downtown for dinner (Well we have to eat!!!) at Cuba Libre...

PAUSE for a celebrity siting...(Troy Aikman pulled his car up to the valet while we were waiting for our car. He was with his wife and kids. They were going to eat at Fireside Pies nextdoor. He was wearing jeans, and long-sleeve blue cotton shirt and running shoe...very casual.)

PLAY...and then we made our way to the symphony.

Ever since we went to the Dallas Symphony with my family for a Christmas show over the holidays, Jon has been talking about going back. When he saw an announcement that the symphony would be playing songs by John Williams, he bought us tickets. For those of you who don't know who John Williams is, let me enlighten you. (I totally had no idea who he was until Jon told me!) Mr. Williams is one of, if not the most famous motion picture composers around. After a parking fiasco in the rain (we had no cash for parking so Jon had to run in the rain to the ATM and then back to the car) we made it to our seats just in time for the start of the show.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone carry cash around with them anymore? I never have cash...never. I keep saying I need to at least have $20 on me and this was definitely one of those times I could have used it. I guess I should listen to my own advice...not even a dollar in my wallet.

Moving on. The show was wonderful! We listened to songs from Superman, Indiana Jones, Hook, Jaws, Star Wars and my personal favorite...

I loved it. Jon LOVED it! I thought all the instruments were beautiful. I liked the flutes, harp, violins, drums and all of the brass basically everything. Jon's favorite were the cellos. Regardless of the parking issues (Jon forgot where he parked and we searched for the car for about 30 minutes after the show), it was a special night. The symphony is a magical place. The building was beautiful and the concert hall was grand. The music...magical. It was a blessing to breathe in the beauty of such sweet, powerful, moving music.

Jon: Thanks for thinking outside the box and planning a fabulous night out!
I love you!!!

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