Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last Friday, we drove to Austin for the weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of Lyric's best friends, Sarah. Sarah is one-of-a-kind! She is funny, random, beautiful and could care less about what other people think (probably my favorite quality). Lyric and Sarah became friends at Texas Tech and through the years, she's been my friend too! Sarah would send me notes and call me for a quick chat while I was at Mizzou. I always loved how she treated me like a friend, not just Lyrics little sister. All that to say, Sarah married the love of her life and me and my family wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

Lyric, RT and Cole left early Friday morning so Lyric could make it in time for some girly wedding activities. My parents picked Jon and I up around 11 am and we proceeded to drive for 5 1/2 hours in the pouring rain all the way to Austin. Yes, I said 5 1/2 hours!!! Our road trip which should have taken 4 hours fell victim to the rain and inevitably a bunch of crazies on the road driving 20 miles an hour.

On the bright side, we stopped at Health Camp in Waco for lunch! We ATE burgers, fries and tots. My dad and Jon got shakes too! Chocolate for my dad and banana for Jon!
We made it to our hotel in Austin just in time to say hi and bye to Lyric and RT and grab Cole as they headed to the Rehearsal Dinner. After we checked into our rooms, we changed and went to dinner at a great Mexican food restaurant called El Rancho. We had to wait about 45 minutes for our table, so I tried to keep Cole occupied. I came across a man painting faces and making balloon animals. Cole was mesmerized. When we made it to the front of the line, I was trying to pick an animal. I saw a lady bug on the poster of animal options and thought that would be cute, but a little girly for Cole. The man said he could make it a turtle instead, so that's what I went with. When he was done with his creation I gave him a tip and laughed all the way back to where my parents and Jon were camped out. Other kids were carrying around giant swords and giraffes and this is the puny animal I picked for Cole...

I ended up going back and getting him a fishing pole with a fish hanging from it to make up for the poor turtle. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the fishing pole. It was super cool and Cole definitely had more fun waving it around and hitting me with it then throwing his tiny turtle!

We ATE chips and queso and amazing fajitas with lots of grilled onions and peppers...yum :)

Saturday morning we found out RT got food poisoning and would be out for the day...horrible huh? It's bad enough to be sick at home, but being sick in some random hotel away from your own bed and bathroom is NO fun!!! My parents, Jon and I and Cole were together again for a day of site-seeing and...EATING!

We ATE an AMAZING brunch at a restaurant called South Congress Cafe, recommended to me by Ms. Rachel Lawrence, food connoisseur and Austin-lover. Her recommendation did not disappoint! We had mimosas and a delicious brunch. My mom and I both ordered the Carrot Cake French Toast, one of their famous dishes, Jon and my dad got some good egg/meat dishes and Cole got his very own strawberry pancake. It was a big hit!

From there we drove around campus (my dad is a PROUD UT alumni), checked out our beautiful State Capitol, shopped and walked around a cool area called the Domain and then it was time to freshen up for the wedding. Sarah was beautiful, the ceremony was perfect and the reception, although we were only there for a brief time, was intimate with a breathtaking view of Lake Austin.

Cole was tired, hungry and cranky, so we headed out early. We grabbed food for my parents and Cole, dropped them off at the hotel then Jon and I went out to dinner by ourselves. We went back to the Domain and found a Jasper's! We ATE ribs and pork tenderloin. Are you getting full just reading this?!?!

Sunday morning, before heading back to Big D, Lyric insisted we eat at South Austin Trailer Park Eatery.

This was BY FAR the best food I ATE. And I'll tell you why...HOMEMADE DONUT HOLES! The breakfast taco I ATE at Torchy's was wonderful, but when I had to get my orange juice at the trailer next door, I saw a sign for homemade donut holes and thought the group deserved to give them a try. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Words cannot do them justice. They were warm, soft and rolled in a TON of cinnamon and sugar. I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "Calm down're talking about donut holes for crying out loud," but I'm telling you, these little bites of heaven are officially my new favorite indulgence!!!

After our final meal of the weekend, it was back home for the Kaufman, Muir, Bailey Crew. We did stop for a Health Camp shake on our way back...Does that count as another meal??? I've been on a water-celery diet ever since.....hahaha


  1. Cole's hair is nothing short of incredible! Also, I hope you honked for us while you were in Waco :)

  2. Me too!

    Give me a call next time.

    Ryan Searcey