Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday 2009

To be honest, I really could have cared less about the Super Bowl this year. I know, I know. It's un-American right? Well everyone can just calm down. I went to a Super Bowl party, which is arguably just as important as the game. I participated in all the festivities: drank half a beer, ate some chili, snacked on way to many chips and dip, bought some squares for the Super Bowl pot (won $50 the first quarter...wohoo), hollered at the TV a few times to fit in and watched the last 5 minutes while I gave Cole his bottle and rocked him to sleep.

The football fun took place at my parents house! My mom gets a little stressed about throwing parties, but she was definitely the hostess with the mostess!!!

My cousin Jordan and I after we finished our delicious bowl of chili with the works: Fritos, cheese and sour cream. (Super healthy!)

My mom and dad had a chili cook off. They each made a pot and both were a big hit! (I ate my mom's and Jon ate my dad's to keep things even)

A little taste test

Yum! Sweet treats are my mom's specialty!

The group was split between the living room and the media room. Jon snagged a seat in the media room when the game started, so we have no pictures together...tear. I thought I would be a sweet wife and spare him a photo shoot during the game.

My favorite part of the day!

Thanks mom and dad for a great party!

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  1. Let's call it a tie! I think both our pasts are pretty good!