Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

Sunday afternoon before heading over to my parents house, Jon and I stopped by Target to pick up some kites. Shannon bought Cade and Cruse some kites that Jon had a blast playing with last weekend and he's been looking for an opportunity to fly more ever since. When he ran into Target, I thought he was buying two, pretty cheap kites, but oh no...he came back with six! There was Spider Man, Iron Man, a little turtle for Cole and some kind of Transformer looking guys. Some were poly, a few were nylon and his personal favorite, the Iron Man kite, had a super fancy tail! As soon as we walked in the house and said hi to my parents, Jon excused himself to the backyard. He started flying a few and would tie them to the fence to keep them soaring while he unpacked more. He stayed out there for a while by himself, perfectly content until Lyric, RT and Cole arrived. Then he had a flying buddy. RT and Jon flew all the kites, battled each other (destroying a few) and ran around the yard for the next 2 1/2 hours. Jon loves to be outside and I was happy to watch him having so much fun! I will say it was entertaining and almost therapeutic to watch. Next time, when it's not quite as chilly though, I think I'll get my own pink Hannah Montana kite and give the boys a taste of my flying skills!

Here's Jon about to launch his first kite!

This poor guy made a crash landing and just missed the pool.

I bundled Cole up and pulled him in his red wagon outside so he could watch the kites in action. He loved them! The Spider Man kite was his favorite. Even when I got it stuck in a tree, he kept his eyes on it!

I joined Cole in his wagon to snuggle. I think I was cramping his style!

What a great Sunday afternoon! We ended the day with homemade chicken noodle soup prepared with love by none other than Steve and Shauna Kaufman! Thanks mom and dad for a great day, comforting meal and of course, perfect company!


  1. Jon and Kori,

    What's going on? Long time, no see. Hope all is well these days in North Texas. I am hoping to be back in the Dallas area soon. Now that I located your blog through Lyric's, I will add it to my daily list. Glad to hear all is well. If you are ever coming through the Waco area, give me a call. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Ryan Searcey

  2. So fun...I haven't flown a kite in YEARS!